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Art smith
Vladimír Eperješi
Our blacksmithery is located 3km from the district town of Trebisov, near the main road in the village of Nový Ruskov,
in the back yard of single- family house of the business owner Mr. Vladimír Eperješi,
where a 7-metre- high Eiffel´s Tower, built by him can also be found.

The VEPI Company is concerned with smithcraft exclusively; with metal production ,
aimed at both home and foreign customers since its inception in 1998.
The production includes the following: gates, iron bars, banisters, balconies,
panes, hearth accessories, interior and exterior accessories…

Refurbishment and restoration work performed on cultural monuments forms the subject of the Company´s interest

Strong points of the business: the quality of products makes for the strength of business.
A large number of satisfied customers testify to it. We make use of traditional
smith´s technologies. We are a young and creative team who does not shun ideas.
Price fixing is a matter of the customer deal for us - we are striving, first and foremost, for his/her contentment.

We offer the following services:

  • forged gate and fencing production
  • window and door bar production
  • staircase, banister and balcony construction production
  • pane and kickstand production
  • interior metal accessories: doorhandles, candlesticks, lamps, beds,
          cots, chairs, stools, bedsite tables
  • hearth accessories: shovels, whisks, hearth glass doors...
  • refurbishment and restoration work on cultural monuments
  • complete forged garden furniture production
  • artistic object production based on a customer´s wish
  • complete rustless sortiment production

  • We offer the following goods :

  • metallic material surface treatment: enamel paint spraying,,
         patina coating by liquid metal - golden, copper, silver tint
  • coating services with luminous zinc