Umelecký kováč / Vladimír Eperješi


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We offer the following services:

  • forged gate and fencing production
  • window and door bar production
  • staircase, banister and balcony construction production
  • pane and kickstand production
  • interior metal accessories: doorhandles, candlesticks, lamps, beds,
          cots, chairs, stools, bedsite tables
  • hearth accessories: shovels, whisks, hearth glass doors...
  • refurbishment and restoration work on cultural monuments
  • complete forged garden furniture production
  • artistic object production based on a customer´s wish
  • complete rustless sortiment production

  • We offer the following goods :

  • metallic material surface treatment: enamel paint spraying,,
         patina coating by liquid metal - golden, copper, silver tint
  • coating services with luminous zinc